Lucas Beaufort

Artistic residency

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When did you started drawing?

I started drawing very late. I was 27 years old. I decided to draw something for my brother to get him a personalized Christmas present. I did a drawing with a lot of different monsters, very colorful. Everyone loved it in the family and they all encouraged me to start painting on canvases. A year later, I did my first exhibition in Nice.


When your passion of art became a job?

When I started painting I was working for a magazine. I was selling ads there. I guess I continued working and painting on the side for maybe 5 years. Then I had to concentrate my time on my passion and it became my full time job.


Do you remember your first illustration?

The first canvas I painted is still in my bedroom now. It’s a huge dinosaur surrounded by monsters, they are all very funny with bright colors. It even glows in the dark. My style has evolved a lot since that first canvas. I wound’t want to show it to everyone.


Your typical day.

I wake up, check my social networks, post a picture on my Instagram page, that takes me at least an hour every morning. Then I go at my desk and start painting, with my laptop by the side. I am always trying to stay connected as much as I can. I answer every emails and every call right away. Then it’s time for dinner, then I go back to my desk and stay there for many hours. I go to bed quite late every night when I’m home. As I am not home a lot, I work constantly when I’m there as I know that I won’t have as much time when I’ll be travelling.



Born in Cannes in 1981, Lucas Beaufort is a French visionary artist-painter living in a world surrounded by imaginary characters, kind but mischievous monsters, who help him build a positive image on the world and guide his choices every day.

Artist CV

Montreal [Canada], artistic residency, Yves Laroche Art Gallery, May 2018

Paris [France], artistic perfomance Les Libres-échanges with le Fooding, l’Aérosol, April 2018

Los Angeles [USA], artist in residence W hotel, March 2018

Sao Paulo [Brazil], artist in residence Radisson hotel, March 2018

Maldives, artist in residence Huvafen Fushi, March 2018

Melbourne [Australia], artist in residence Pullman hotel, February 2018

Bangkok [Thailand], mural W hotel, February 2018

Denver [USA], pop up show with Giro, SIA tradeshow, January 2018

Aspen [USA], pop up show at Radio Boardshop, January 2018

Boulder [USA], pop up show at Satellite Boardshop, January 2018

Sofia [Bulgaria] master class and lecture, Generator, November 2017

London [UK], group show Human Nature, Underdog gallery, October 2017

Los Angeles [USA], solo show Rue James Grant-Milne, Please do not enter gallery, October 2017

Paris [France], release party collab with SUZE, La Garçonnière, September 2017

Montreal [Canada], group show Gueule de Bois, Mainline gallery, July 2017

Los Angeles [USA], video premiere DEVOTED, Silent theatre, June 2017

New York [USA], Whitney Museum, May 2017

Paris [France], artshow with ASOS, Joseph gallery, november 2016

Sydney [Australia], Good Space, October 2016

Montréal [Canada], skatepark’s design for the event Think Empire, June 2016

Los Angeles [California], shop Official Melrose Avenue, June 2016

Denver [Colorado], house of Vans, February 2016

Berlin [Germany] Bright trade show, January 2016

Long Beach [California], shop Port, January 2016

Tokyo [Japan], Wag Gallery, Harajuku, April 2016

Osaka [Japan], Horie Gallery, April 2016

Vevey [Switzerland], cultural space Les Mouettes, August 2015

Cannes [France], Rado beach, la Croisette, July 2015

Milan [Italy], gallery Martina Corbetta, June 2015

Biarritz [France], shop Helder Supply, June 2015

Paris [France], shop Les Ateliers, October 2014

London [UK], Toms skateshop, August 2014

Paris [France], shop Wait, sponsored by Converse, November 2013

Annecy [France], snowboard film festival The Reels, October 2013

Aurillac [France], design of the bowl at Épicentre cultural center, September 2013

Geneva [Switzerland], shop Pulp 68, July 2013

Hyères [France], Wall Ride exhibition, November 2012

Annecy [France], snowboard film festival The Reels, October 2012

Hossegor [France], Girl Shop, July 2012

Marseille [France], Belle Aire space, May 2012

Cannes [France], Miramar space, la Croisette, April 2011

Paris [France], Poulain & Proust agency, sponsored by Electric, November 2010

Nice [France], shop Halogène, October 2010

Nice [France], shop Halogène, October 2009