Francine Simonin



Francine Simonin, born on October 2, 1936 in Lausanne, Switzerland, represents a generation of expressionists (painters, draughtsmen and engravers) both in her native country and here in Montreal.

Her cherished medium as always been engraving, although in the 80s she starts painting in extensive formats, something engraving was not allowing her. For nearly half a century, Francine Simonin pursued a pictorial quest in constant renewal, addressing committed themes such as the female body and its representation in art.

From the 1970s, Francine Simonin moved to Montreal and became an icon of Quebec expressionism. During her career, she will meet Jean Paul Riopelle, René Derouin, Serge Lemoyne and Denis Pellerin, among other artists whom will become close friends.

Over the course of her prolific career, Simonin has showcased over two hundred solo exhibitions, for the most part in Switzerland, Canada, France, United States, and Spain. The Museum of Contemporary Art granted her a solo exhibition in 1975. 

Francine Simonin passed away in Montreal on October 9, 2020 at the age of 84.