Serge Lemoyne (born June 13, 1941 in Acton Vale, died July 12, 1998 in Saint-Hyacinthe) is a Quebec painter.

He has worked as a performance artist as well as creating paintings, assemblages and prints.

Lemoyne studied at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal from 1958 to 1960. He cited Les Automatistes et les Plasticiens as early influences.

Lemoyne had a collaborative approach to artistic creation, seeking an active engagement between the works of art, the public and the artist.

Popular culture was a significant subject of his work — he devoted ten years to exploring hockey. blue, white, red is a tribute to the Montreal Canadiens whose uniforms are these colors. Blue, white and red are also the colors found in the flags of France and the United Kingdom — the two language heritages that both unite and divide Canada. Perhaps Lemoyne’s best-known work is Dryden, an understated portrait of the goalie mask belonging to Montreal Canadiens star goaltender Ken Dryden.